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SOULRIVER was born by middle of 2002 under the concept of vocalist Andherson Némer. After some line up changes and passing through a complete tear apart, Andherson met Andreas Igorrr, a great German guitarist who had moved to Brazil some months before.
After a rough search for musicians who would fit the philosophy and musicality within Soulriver – which was not an easy job - the line up was formed with Franz (G), André Rudge (B) and former drummer Marcos Artem (whose task was taken over by Lucas Disselli, 2008), in February of 2005.
A great work of spreading the metal concerts through the region had begun. Later (end of 2006) the rehearsal-demo-CD “ENTER THE RIVER” was released. The 3-song-demo had a very positive feedback from fans and specialized media which praised Soulriver’s essence. Despite the characteristics of a rehearsal-demo, it was clear that the musicians carry competence, precision and musicality in their personalities. By this time Soulriver has been cited by critic Ricardo Batalha (one of the most exigent critics from ROADIE CREW magazine) as a promising name in Brazilian Metal.
2007 was an incubation year for Soulriver. During this period the band was fully concentrated on recording its debut album "THE DARK PATH OF THE FALLEN SOULS", exploring beyond the individual potentials and releasing a highly competent and strong work.
After the independently produced studio works finished, the final mix and mastering was carried out by talented and ascending producer Ricardo Piccoli (http://www.piccolistudio.com/).
"THE DARK PATH OF THE FALLEN SOULS" will be released by DIE HARD RECORDS (São Paulo - Brazil) with a great perspective and positive comments from influential names from specialized media, including a great feedback from European Public through the songs played in Rádio S.O.S. from Portugal, to which Andherson recorded a jingle together with names like Bruce Dickinson, Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell), Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray), Shagratt (Dimmu Borgir), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), among others...
The cover and inlet artwork were designed by artist Jobert Mello (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) whose work and competence may be recognized in many European bands. Jobert’s name is in constant ascension in the metal scene. His work can be seen under http://www.jmellodesign.com.

The “THE DARK PATH OF THE FALLEN SOULS" regroups in a single piece of work songs and lyrics based on SOULRIVER’s differential: unique musicality, charisma and devotion in each live concert of the Fallen Souls.
SOULRIVER rose not only to bring a new sonority to the World but to show its full essence in sound notes and words.
Exploring in a peculiar manner the endless ways of the Soul, the “abysm” of the human mind, and the complex concepts of Evil and Good, Soulriver is not just about a metal band, but a whole Universe, plain of Myths, Characters and Atmosphere.

“The Saga has just begun...